First steps

7.1.11 The Course material has arrived

The course material arrived yesterday morning and I stalked it for a few hours before settling down to some reading last night. All the information is clear and well laid out. I read the Assessment booklet which was possibly a mistake because I started to get hung-up on how everything should be presented at the end of the course when I haven’t even started to do any work!. 

I looked at the video on Rob Brisco’s learning log last week and thought it was very impressive to the extent that I did an online search to see if I could find a similar journal. I also went to our local Hobbycraft store to see what they had. Obviously I’m going to have to widen my horizons and travel beyond Woking to find something. I think it’s a good idea to have a tactile log as well as a digital one.

Firstly, it means I can both see and touch my work which will make it seem more real to me. I’ve been an assessor myself on both portfolio and so-called paperfree NVQs and been aware how people’s confidence has grown as they’ve seen their portfolio take shape in a tangible form. To me it’s like the difference between reading an actual book and reading an e-book. Secondly I’ve noticed from (a little) experience that photographs in print can look very different from your computer screen. I was a finalist in a local newspaper competition recently (linked with its Flickr group, Get Surrey) and when the paper came out the pictures were different sizes. The larger ones seemed to have more impact to me. Not long afterwards I was asked if they could put another of my photos in a spread they were running. It was of a spider’s web, which was very delicate. However, in the paper it didn’t look much at all and the delicacy was lost. I guess this was due to the porous quality of the paper. Both times I had emailed high-resolution pictures to the newspaper. This isn’t sour grapes because I don’t think my photographs were presented well-enough, it’s just emphasised to me the importance of the medium. I’ve now calibrated my Mac and altered settings so that Photoshop controls the printer as well.

8.1.11 Making links with my fellow students.

I have joined the OCA Flickr group and introduced myself. I’ve been really heartened by the welcoming comments, including on my Blog. There’s a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to be tapped. The main thing for me is to make sure I don’t spend too much time at the computer reading all the discussion topics instead of being out there with my camera. Tomorrow I must make sure that I start working on the exercises.


2 Comments on “First steps”

  1. Eileen says:

    Not spending too much time on the computer is easier said than done, in my experience. ; -) It is great to be able to see what others are doing and be inspired by them though. the community feeling helps with distance learning. Best of luck with the course – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    • I’ve been late getting back to this blog due to immersion in the first two exercises! You’re right – the computer is taking up a lot of my time. Also I hadn’t realised that blogs could be so time-consuming. Thanks for the good wishes Eileen.

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