Taste of Spring

8.1.11 It feels like Spring might be coming!

I went to bed last night feeling rather depressed because I seem to have taken backward steps somehow and my photographs aren’t turning out the way I would like them to.  I also keep having lots of thought around photography and its meaning for me but I never seem to get down to putting words on paper (or on blog).

This morning it was bright and sunny so I got up early (for me) and went to do some shopping.  Hobbycraft first for some bits and pieces and then to the local garden centre to buy some flowers.   I took my camera into the garden centre with me and took a few quick shots of flowers then bought some snowdrops and primulas.  Back home I decided to spend some time doing macro shots and, maybe, practise with the Lensbaby as I haven’t touched it for ages.

It was very absorbing and concentrating on the shots made me feel very relaxed and ‘in the moment’. The macro shots of the primulas were disappointing – not because they weren’t sharp enough but because the macro showed up the imperfections and bits of dirt on the flowers.  I must remember next time to check what state the flowers are in.  I think they’d been hanging around outside the Garden Centre for quite a while. There were a few photographs I liked though and here are four of them.

The first two were taken hand-held in the garden centre:-

27mm focal length  f7.1 at 1/80  ISO200

To me, the wider angle increases the sense of ‘many’ and I thought this photograph could well fit ‘many’ for the Assignment.

73mm focal length f7.1 1/30 ISO 200

The shutter speed was rather slow for the focal length but the image seems okay.  The longer lens combined with wider aperture brought the flowers really into view and isolated them from the rest of the flowers.  I think this photograph will fit ‘few’ for the Assignment.

The next two photographs were taken back home, using the tripod:-

100mm macro lens  f14  0.6 ISO 200

I propped the snowdrop with a slight lean backwards so that I could see more of the inner part of the flower.

Canon 500Dwith Lensbaby Composer  1/15 ISO 200

I had to pull quite a way back before the Lensbaby would focus and I cropped the photograph a little to bring out more of the flowers .  I still haven’t quite got the hang of this lens but this is my best so far.

All in all I feel quite satisfied with today’s work and so hope I sleep better tonight.


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