How am I doing so far?

In general, I’ve been feeling over-saturated with ideas, information and (non)activity recently.  I know why – it’s because there are so many possible figures of interest emerging that I’m like a butterfly flitting from one to the other and never settling. I’ve also been waiting for feedback on Assignment 1 so that has contributed to some extent because I haven’t felt able to move on.   My tutor emailed me feedback  yesterday so I feel a little clearer now.  It was mainly positive with also some suggestions for alternative images and further reading/exploration.  I’ll write in more detail on a separate post when I have absorbed it all.

I thought that now would be a good time to survey the ground and look back for a while at how I’m doing, or at least how I think I’m doing. One of the aspects that has been the most difficult for me has been the lack of guidelines and structure in a creative distance learning course.  Yes, there are exercises to be completed and assignment deadlines to meet but there isn’t a right answer to anything.The discussion threads on OCA and on Flickr are very interesting and it’s been good to see that some of the tutors contribute as well but, in some respects, they have led me into my usual trap of thinking that I will never know enough. This has meant that I’ve kept buying books which are now piled up and gazing at me forlornly.  I sit there every evening with the intention of reading but end up with a glass of wine, dogs on my lap, and playing games on my Ipad whilst the television talks to itself in the background.

My feedback has arrived so now is the time to focus.

I have so many different streams of thought going on in my head that I decided that a brainstorm (no sorry – thought shower) would be a good idea.  I drew one on paper but it didn’t look muddled enough so I went online and downloaded a 30day trial version of ‘PersonalBrain’ software.  It seems quite straightforward to use and it was good to see all those different streams of thought.  Here’s the pdf:-

The pdf doesn’t look as good as the brain on my computer but it gives an idea of everything that’s going on. You can also print a hierarchical list which fits the other side of me which likes order! This software is (another) nice new toy.

I was pleased to see that there’s quite a lot of new learning for me.  Other positives are that I’ve now had three of my photographs published in the local newspaper (since November last year) and feel more at home with the Blog (26 posts so far).  However, I know that I spend far too much time thinking about things I’m going to do instead of getting on and doing them.  I think that’s why Hamlet always got on my nerves at school because I’m too much like him.

Books are a good example.  I can see that I’ve acquired 11 books since I began the Course in January but have only  read 4 of them all the way through – two of which don’t actually have many words in them.  Apart from 3 others which I’ve dipped into there are four which are mainly untouched.  I am promising myself here and now that I’m going to complete the pieces I’m writing on Picture Post and Karen Knorr by the end of March.  Then I’ll have to concentrate on Assignment 2.

Great.  I now have a plan of action.

20th March 2011

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