Part 4: Light – Exercise 7: Cloudy Weather and Rain

Part 4:  Light

Exercise 7 : Cloudy Weather and Rain

As I’ve been posting this blog I’ve been listening to Elbow – their performance in Manchester Cathedral recently. Great sound and I love their music (even though they’re from Lancashire!).

The Exercises

The clouds were drifting fairly quickly and I wanted to capture the difference this made to the top of the trees. Both at f/11 with the cloudier one at 1/40 and the sunnier one at 1/13, These are different trees which probably explains the difference in f/stop. The time was around 2.30pm.

The next two are 2.45pm – the same trees this time.

f/ll @ 1/8. It looks quite dull and I can see the blueness in the ground.

f/11 @1/13. The sun is lighting up the trees and the shadows are more definite.

The next three photographs were taken on overcast days on different dates and in different locations.

Here comes the rain

It was pouring down outside and I wanted to capture the raindrops. One thing I learned about rain is that you it’s difficult to see it on a photograph unless it’s against something – windows, car windows etc, or . I didn’t ahve to get myself or my camera wet either because I could take the photograph from inside the conservatory.

It had just stopped raining here and I love the way that the colours of flowers are intensified.

This is one of a set I took the other day when I was driving back from a meeting just before twilight.  I only had my small Ricoh GDR3 with me but it’s captured the rainbow (and a little of it’s twin). I don’t think the man in the car behind me was too pleased when I stopped but I was thrilled. I think rainbows are one of Nature’s miracles even though I’ve never found the pot of gold!

8th November 2011

6 Comments on “Part 4: Light – Exercise 7: Cloudy Weather and Rain”

  1. Mary says:

    Love the rain photo Catherine, the one taken from the conservatory. Very evocative.

  2. John Umney says:

    Hello Catherine, I’ve tried lots of times to “get” rain and I’ve found it very difficult – my conclusion is to either get very close to where the rain meets it’s demise or, as you’ve done, through rain spattered glass.
    By the way, how’s the film work coming along. John

    • Hello John, I’m enjoying the film and just waiting for an Olympus to come back from servicing. I still have to acquaint myself with the scanner. Will be doing a Blog post re film within the next week or so to record my new explorations. I’ve also posted photographs on Flickr.

  3. southliving says:

    Hi Catherine, it seems I have to hang my head in shame, I have not bothered to do as much ‘cloud timing’ shots as you have, here we don’t really have clouds, just various thickness of haze….
    Really enjoying browsing your blog! 🙂

    • Hi Dewald,

      Having visited China I know what you mean. However, the haze does enable you to take those lovely misty shots sometimes whereas I have to wait ’til its foggy. Doing this exercise was at the point where I’d been feeling very mechanical about going through the Handbook and decided to ‘let myself go’ more. It worked so I hope it continues.


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