Assignment 3 : Response to Tutor Feedback

The Art of Photography

Assignment 3: Response to Feedback

I had overall very positive feedback on this Assignment: –

“Your presentation and printing are excellent. Your work shows your confident technical control, your willingness to experiment with new ways of working, a sharp ‘eye’ and the development of a mature approach to image making…………

You have a good ‘eye’ and as in the previous assignment, this is particularly evident in your people/ documentary photographs. When composing, you are becoming much freer with composition, using the whole ‘frame’ and not always placing the subject bang in the centre of the image.”

I felt very encouraged by this, together with the fact that no changes were suggested to any of the images.

However, my tutor commented that she did find my blog a little hard to navigate  (as at 4th September 2011) and that it would be helpful to have any experimentation, research, and reflections relevant to a particular assignment grouped together in one folder. I took the point and, for Part 4: Light, did include a Summary of Learning at the end of the Exercise Section – She also asked for a little more information on my assignment photos such as decision making, camera settings etc and my evaluation which, again, I included in the next Assignment (Assignment 4).

I’m aware that I still haven’t written-up all the work I did following my looking up of Robert Mapplethorpe which then led me on to John Blakemore and his tulips. My set on tulips is on my Flickr site and, if there is sufficient time before Assessment, I will endeavour to complete the promised write-up as it would be a shame to lose a written record of my learning.

30th May 2012

3 Comments on “Assignment 3 : Response to Tutor Feedback”

  1. Eileen says:

    Well done Catherine!

  2. John Umney says:

    You seem to have stepped a whole level here Catherine. Impressed!

  3. Catherine says:

    Thanks John and Eileen. It was good to re-read and remind myself that I have actually made progress over the course.

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