Assignment 2 : Response to Tutor Feedback

The Art of Photography

Feedback and changes to Assignment 2 : Elements of Design

No. 2 – Two points

My tutor commented that this was the only image as such that she had a slight problem and I agree with her as it’s the one I had difficulty with at the time. She had agreed with me that 4b) Verticals and Horizontals did fit the brief for Two Points also but thought it fitted better in Verticals/Horizontals. My tutor reminded me of an eye image which I had put on my blog in one of the exercise write-ups. These are my dog’s eyes where I can see two me’s.

The reason I hadn’t submitted it at the time was because it didn’t fit into my theme, which was London. I’ve been back to London several times since then but still haven’t found ‘two points’ which fit my brief i.e. two singular subjects which are small in the whole composition but catch the viewer’s attention.

4a: Combination of Vertical and Horizontal lines

It was pointed out to me that the sky top left weakens the image and needed ‘pulling in’.  Using the ‘burning in’ tool didn’t work quite as well as selecting that part of the sky in Nik Viveza. It’s now improved, has been reprinted and will be included in my Assessment submission.

6: Curves

Although commenting that this was an original way of interpreting the brief, my tutor also pointed out that the window is paper white. She suggested either tweaking Levels, Highlights or using a slightly tighter crop. The highlights have now been tweaked and the reprint will be included in my submission:

Learning log/critical essays

Comment made that it would be useful to have a link to images I decided to reject, print or contact sheet.  From then onwards I did include such prints in my submission where appropriate.

30th May 2012