TAOP Introduction: Focus at different apertures

17.1.11 Exercise 3: Focus at different apertures (p.18).

The aims of the exercise were to :-

  • Find a subject with depth (e.g a row of things seen from an angle).
  • Stand at an angle to the row, with camera on tripod and focus on an obvious point.
  • Take 3 pictures – widest aperture; mid point and smallest aperture whilst ensuring that  the shutter speed is adjusted to maintain the same exposure.
  • Compare the 3 prints and draw on each one what you see as the limits of sharpness.

Setting up

I had difficulties in choosing what I thought would be a good scene – mostly due to my inhibitions about using my camera in public places with a tripod which I know I will have to get over.  A line of cars would have been ideal but as soon as I reached a row parked on the road or in a car park various scenarios ran through my mind about people rushing along and saying, “What do you think you’re doing taking photos of my car!”  I had similar thoughts about rows of houses.  I think it was the tripod that was causing the problem in my mind because it takes time to set up and I couldn’t just take quick shots. I needed the tripod though to make sure I kept the same focus. Read the rest of this entry »