Project – Photographing movement

Exercise 4 : Shutter speeds (p. 20)


The aim of the exercise was to :-

  • Focus in front of something that moves several times or continuously and use a tripod
  • Make a series of exposures from the fastest shutter speed to a very slow one, adjusting the aperture each time to maintain the same exposure.
  • Compare the finished images and find the slowest shutter speed at which the movement is sharply frozen.

My first thought was to ask my husband to ride up and down on his bike or walk up and down.  Then I thought of moving water – maybe our small water fountain – but I was told that it might not be a good idea because it was probably silted up at the moment.  Suggestion was made of a running tap but I didn’t like the idea of wasting water!  Instead we decided on a trip to Wisley RHS Gardens, mainly to see the butterflies, but, of course, there are water features there.

There are several small water cascades in the gardens but I decided to see the butterflies first in the Glasshouse where there is also a larger waterfall.  Read the rest of this entry »