Project – Photographing Movement (2)

Project: Photographing movement

Exercise 5 : Panning with different shutter speeds (p. 21)


The aim of the exercise was to :-

  • Follow the movement of something moving continuously in front of me.
  • Compare the results of different shutter speeds.
  • Choose the photograph I like the best.

I thought about taking pictures of someone walking or cycling but decided, instead, to photograph cars.  I live just off a busy main road which has a 50mph speed limit, although the cars seem to go much more quickly (especially when I’m trying to cross over to the Common on the other side!).

To begin with, I stood on the pavement so that I could hear the cars coming round the bend and be ready for them. However, I then realised that I could be forming a danger to traffic if people were slowing down to see what I was doing and so I moved further back in the short access road to the Close.  The problem there was that I then couldn’t hear the cars as well, or see them. Read the rest of this entry »