Project: Lines – Exercise 4: Horizontal and vertical lines

Project : Lines

 Exercise 4 – Horizontal and vertical lines

For this exercise I decided to look at image thumbnails almost with my mind’s eye (like when you quickly scan and almost see things subliminally) and see which images leapt out to me as being either horizontal or vertical.  The exercise brief refers to lines in photography as usually being the edges of things, with contrast often being the quality that makes them stand out.

(a) Horizontal lines

No. 1

Several horizontal lines jumped out at me here, almost like stripes, with light and dark and colour contrasts.

No. 2

The horizontal slats of the bench glow against the green and brown of the background.

No. 3

Taken in the middle of the day.  I haven’t manipulated this image and still can’t understand how I managed to gain a horizontal shadow of myself!

No. 4

The horizon caught my eye here and the lambs are level too.

 (b) Vertical Lines

No. 5

A lighthouse which has been moved inland  back from edge of the cliff. There are horizontal lines at the bottom and on the lower roof but I think the vertical aspect is strongest, especially with the vertical fence around it.

no. 6

Standing in line and waiting for the competition results to be announced.

No. 7

Steeple pointing skywards.

No. 8

There is a triangle here of course, but the vertical lines are strongest, with the contrast of the rough tree barks against the smooth finished pole.

May 2011