Project : Using lines in composition – Exercise 7 : Implied lines

Project : Using lines in composition

 Exercise 7 : Implied Lines

I can see implied lines as follows:

To me the lines in the first picture give a sense of flow and movement because they are  curved, whereas the straighter lines in the second images create more tension in the movement between the man and the horses.

Analysis of two of my older images

No. 1

The donkeys are positioned between shallow diagonal steps and their eye-lines are also diagonally positioned – one towards me (in curiosity) the middle one downwards and looking slightly ahead whilst the one on the right is looking further ahead. Although they are standing still their positions and eyelines give a sense of readiness to move at any minute.

No. 2

The trees form a curve which is  enhanced by the lighter curved markings on the sandy path. This gives a sense of movement forward into the distance.

No. 3

This was taken whilst studying Part 2 but when I had just gone out and about with my camera. My walk (without the dogs) took me along a path near to a golf course and these golfers in the distance attracted my attention

The golfers are forming their own line whilst there is an implied line between the one teeing off towards the hole.

Two planned photographs

No. 4 

No. 5

For photograph 4 I took a diagonal shot which shows the edges between the table, benches and wall more sharply.  The planks of the table also lead the eye off into the distance.  In photograph 5 the pointing hand again leads the eye along the horizon.. There is a implied triangle in both images.


I actually prefer the first set of photographs because there is more sense of movement whereas the last two photographs are more static.  I think that’s probably because I planned to take them rather than having an instant response to a scene which attracted me.

May 2011