Part 4: Light – Exercise 6: Variety with a low sun

Part 4 : Light

Exercise 6: Variety with a low sun: Project – The time of day

Auto white balance was used on all the images.

Around 8am on 2/7/2011


Fontal lighting                                      Side lighting

        Back lighting

The sun was bright, even at this time in the morning.  I can also see some edge lighting on the tree stump.

Around 4pm 22/10


Frontal lighting                                    Mainly frontal lighting


Side lighting                                              Side lighting

I prefer the quality of light in late afternoon as the colours are more intense. With the frontal lighting the light is even and so it aids clarity and sharpness.  There is more atmosphere though when shadows are included. I had wanted to take a photograph of the shop front for a few days but every  time I passed by there was a car parked in front.  This time, as it was getting nearer to closing time, the main street was less busy and so I was fortunate to get a clearer view of the pumpkin display. I’ve just emailed a copy of the image to the shop as I thought they might be interested in having it – the first time I’ve every done anything like that.

   Back lighting

The sun was shining straight through the flowers which are along the border wall of the Village Hall.   I didn’t bracket the exposures, mainly because I didn’t have my tripod handy and also there was frequent traffic so I had to be careful on timing.  Later, in Photoshop, I reduced the exposure by one and a half stops and also increased the blacks to provide more definition on the flowers.  There is a hint of edge lighting as well which shows up particularly on the yellow flowers.

I took the next photograph earlier in October.  It had been a sunny Autumn day and, as I stepped from the conservatory into the kitchen  I could see the low sun shining through the doorway and casting shadows against the jug of flowers.

Side lighting 2/10/11

This is my favourite image of this series and, generally, I do like the effect of shadows.

5th November 2011