Working towards Assignment (1): Ideas for subject themes

Ideas for subject themes

Last month I wrote about my two ideas regarding a subject for the Assignment. These were Geocaching or my local Common. My first experience of Geocaching arrived soon afterwards (see earlier post)  and I enjoyed it. The photographs I took were more of an experiment to see if it was possible to photograph something while I was more of a participant than an observer. The idea was okay but the photographs weren’t that exciting.  However, I had another opportunity a couple of weeks ago when Doug and Ollie came to stay again. This time I decided to use two cameras.  I’ve been experimenting with the Holga lens I bought recently for my Canon 500D.  I thought that could be good for producing more dreamlike images of a treasure hunt. Additionally, I decided to take my Canon G12 as it should be quicker to use and need less attention on focussing.  I had an idea of using photographs from the latter to make up a story for Doug and he liked that idea.

Holga lens

    Let’s check the location.


Entering the wood


Let’s have a lookout to see if anyone is around.  I can see that lady there with her dogs. She looks very busy with them so maybe we shouldn’t ask her any questions about the treasure and where we can find it.


There are more people here, but I think we should just carry on walking.


I think this is a magic tree. Maybe the treasure is buried under its roots.

Are we ever going to find this treasure?

I like the Holga lens as it can give a good effect with light and shadows.   The sequence of events is as it happened but  I’m not sure it would be suitable for the purposes of the Assignment. We were in a wooded area and the images are quite dark on the whole.

I turned then to look at the photographs from the G12.  The idea in my head was to see if I could make them look more like story book images by using the dry brush in the Artistic filters.

G12 images

  Let’s see if there’s a map showing us where the treasure might be.

Off they went into the wood. Ollie found a piece of wood which he said would make a good gun to frighten off any monsters. “I think we’re lost.”, said Doug. “Oh dear!”, Ollie said What shall we do now?”. Ollie felt a bit scared in this dark wood.  He was glad Doug was with him.

There were all those people on the sandpit. What could they be doing? Doug wondered if they were looking for the treasure as well because they had so much equipment and what looked like sand diggers. He decided not to say anything to Ollie about it in case he got more scared.

 “Oh, look Ollie!”, said Doug, “That looks like a policeman on his horse. I’m sure he’ll keep an eye on us from a distance. Let’s just pretend we’re playing in the sandpit and our mum and dad aren’t so far away”.

“I’m sure that treasure is somewhere near here because this looks like the place I saw on the map on the computer”. Doug really wasn’t too sure but he wanted Ollie to cheer up.


“What’s wrong Doug?”, Ollie said. “I’m getting a bit tired and hungry now and I think we’d better go back home because mummy might be getting our tea ready”, replied Doug.  “Oh that’s a good idea”, said Ollie. “Let’s go back now”.

“Look! Two cyclists. Do you think they might be lost?.  


I probably haven’t got quite the right wording for a seven year old but I can ask Doug to help me. We can make up the story together and then Doug can read it to Ollie.


WordPress hasn’t behaved itself in allowing me to position the images as I wanted to. I’ve re-edited several times but it still won’t co-operate!

These are only a selection of the photographs I took so, either way, I can create a longer story.  The magazine could be a children’s magazine or maybe a monthly magazine for parents containing short picture stories they can read to children at bedtime. The holga images have an interesting effect but probably don’t fit so well into the idea of a treasure hunt, unless I make it more of a dreamlike, almost nightmare story (not too good for bedtime).  My preference from these two would be the second set. I’ve given them a more artistic effect though than pure photograph.  Does that make them unsuitable for the Assignment? I need to think about that. There is also the cover illustration to consider which would take me more time than I want to use.

I’m already over time with this Assignment –  my last one for The Art of Photography – and I don’t want to make it too late for the submission date for the July assessment. I will definitely do the story book for Doug and Ollie though.  Oh yes.  I forgot to mention that we didn’t find the treasure, which was why the boys were getting tired and hungry. My GPS stopped working for a while and we went off the track.  I went back the next day and found it so will have to take them back.  I think they deserve to find a special treasure.

9th March 2012