Project: Lines – Exercise 5: Diagonals

Project : Lines

Exercise 5 – Diagonals

No. 1

The structure of the London Eye presents very strong graphic elements.  The supports are actually diagonal and  I emphasized these here by tilting the camera slightly and using a wide angle lens (17mm). The converging diagonals also form a triangle.

No. 2

A close-up shot of the window pillars of Watts Cemetery Chapel in Compton, Surrey. (   Here I tilted the lens (38mm) upwards so that the vertical lines converge and also create a greater sense of height.

 No. 3

Again at Watts Cemetery.  I was immediately attracted to the red diagonal pump handle and the green spout on the watering can.

No. 4

Patchwork fields in Seaford, East Sussex.  I was standing on the cliffs by the sea and looking downwards.  I used the tripod and set my lens at 84mm so that the perspective was compressed.  These are softer diagonals set off by the different colours of the landscape.

May 2011