Project: Shapes – Exercises 8 and 9

Project: Shapes

Exercises:8 and 9  Triangles, Rhythm and Pattern

A – Exercise 8: Real and implied triangles

No. 1 – a triangular subject

Triangular sign warning of steep cliffs.

No. 2 – Triangle by perspective converging to the top

To me the shadows at the bottom enhance the base of the triangle.

No. 3 – Inverted triangle by perspective

This is the roof line of a cloister at Watts Cemetery

No. 4 – Still-life arrangement : implied triangle with the apex at the top

No. 5 – still-life arrangement: inverted implied triangle

No. 6 – People triangle



I can see more than one implied triangle here – one formed by the left leg of the man wearing blue jeans and the legs of the lady ,and another (inverted) formed with the ladies feet as the apex. I noticed the shapes formed as the people were walking by and  focused in to capture an image of just their legs.

B – Exercise 9: Rhythm and pattern


There is rhythm in the tiles here with the patterned relief below them.


knots, curves and faces form the patterns here.

May 2011